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Because communication is never just about the words used.

It's how it's said and with what purpose.

Linguistics & Culture Consultancy

Chinese – English

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We are based in the UK and travel all around the world

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We help individuals, family offices and businesses to navigate language and cultural differences between English and Chinese to achieve effective communication and successful cross-cultural interactions.

Linguistics and culture specialists

We are more
than just translators

Bicultural and Bilingual

We know both languages and cultures inside out so we can really get your meaning across for your target audience and/or target market.

Cross-Industry Experience

Our consultants have 6+ years of cross-industry experience. This means they have actual sector-specific knowledge outside of translation that they can bring into the project.

Collaborative Effort

We see our work together as a collaboration. We would always take the time to understand who you are and the end goal of your project. Only when your objective becomes our objective, can we truly tailor our translations and recommendations to achieve the desired outcome.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We understand the importance of keeping a project private and confidential. All information and/or documents will be treated as confidential unless you say otherwise or it's already in the public domain.

Quality Assured

We hold ourselves to the highest professional standard so you can be confident in the quality of our work. Our consultants all hold a Masters degree qualification or above from well-respected universities. All written translations are proofread and edited by native speakers and with the target audience in mind.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in making a positive impact on society and giving back to the community. As such, we actively support LGBTQ+ Asian projects amongst other initiatives.

Effective, valued added expertise

Our Services

Our bilingual specialists can support you with a range of linguistics, cultural and consultation services.

Written Translation

Professional translations fit for purpose and always proofread.

✓ English to Chinese (Simplified)

✓ Chinese (Simplified) to English

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Verbal Interpretation

Phone calls, video calls or face-to-face meetings, we'll be there.



✓ Consecutive Interpreting

✓ Simultaneous Interpreting

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Strategic Planning

Not sure why they reacted in a certain way last time?

Have a specific goal in mind for a meeting or a long term project?

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We pride ourselves in providing a high quality service, every time.

Bridging the communication gap and more

About us

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We specialise in facilitating seamless cross-cultural interactions and providing strategic guidance. With our linguistics and cultural fluency, we can help you to navigate the nuances of language, customs, etiquette and strategy.

We work remotely around the UK and often travel with our clients to cities all around the world.

Our clients include: family offices, individuals, academics and businesses.

We are proud of what we do

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